For ages 8-13.

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Meet Wilson, a new character introduced in the latest release of Elves Can't Dunk

Elves Can't Dunk - Book 1

by Robert Skead

Sebastian decides to prove himself by trying out for his favorite professional basketball team. There’s just one small problem—Sebastian is an elf at the North Pole. And elves can’t dunk! To solve this dunking dilemma, Sebastian takes some of Santa’s magic feed corn—the stuff that makes his reindeer fly—to his tryout for the team. This corn will give Sebastian more hang time than Michael Jordan on the moon! When Sebastian’s idol, Coach Tanner, discovers the corn, he begins to dream of his own championships for his team of losers. Tanner sets out on a mission to steal the corn from Santa and it’s up to Sebastian and his best friends to catch him and save Christmas!

Bad Guy Profile:

Name: Coach Frank Tanner

Occupation: Head Coach, Polarville Bears, professional basketball team

Likes: Winning. Winners. Basketball. Being taller than everyone. Making others lose—winning!

Dislikes: Losing. Really he HATES losing but hate is a bad word. No one should hate anything. He also dislikes Christmas elves… I guess I had something to do with that. Yeah me.

Good qualities: Loves his mommy

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