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I get ideas for stories. And I never know when one might hit me. I could be at a New Jersey Nets game, watching TV or looking at an old baseball bat. If the idea is good and big, I write it. And rewrite it. Again and again. Until itís just right. I guess you could say generating story ideas and writing is my gift.

I also love to inspire others to discover their gifts. Because when we use our gifts and talents to help others, purpose is born and life is fulfilled.

To inspire. Thatís my goalÖ in my writing and speaking.

You can discover more about me, my books, author visits and other fun stuff on my site. Click around and enjoy.

When the imagination takes flight, amazing things happen.

I hope you feel inspired.

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A Childrens Picture Book

Ages 7-11.

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"Cooperís grainy illustrations look as though they are filtered through sunlight, striking a nostalgic chord, while Skeadís play-by-play provides a riveting, baseball story about two players seeking recognition of their worth."

- Publishers Weekly Feb 2013

For ages 8-12.

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