Historical Fiction, for ages 8 and up.

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Patriots, Redcoats & Spies

by Robert J. Skead with Robert A. Skead

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Patriots, Redcoats & Spies was a truly fun read. It is a fast-paced action adventure, promoting loyalty, duty and patriotism. The story truly captures the essence of the time period and helps the reader relive a piece of the American Revolution through the eyes of two young brothers and spies. This is a terrific work of historical fiction for young patriots!

- Tim Barton, Wallbuilders

I have read several adult books that center on the Culper Spy Ring but this is the first I have come across that is aimed at the younger set. From the opening page to the exciting conclusion kids will be enthralled with this action packed thriller.

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When I was a kid I loved history! There was something so magical about it all. I remember looking through my history book at all the pictures and wanting to learn each of their stories. When I saw the cover of Patriots, Redcoats & Spies, it brought me back to that time when I was about nine years old and learned about The Revolutionary War.

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This is a great book to get kids interested in history. It also includes some information on different historical figures and real letters written by George Washington. Itís fun, full of intrigue and well written. The characters really grow throughout the book and learn a lot about whatís important in life.

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As a homeschool mom and a lover of early American history I really like this new series by father and son duo Robert J Skead and Robert A Skead. I believe they captured the American patriotism very well as well as the spirit of adventure of the two boys in this story. It was well written and makes you want to read more.

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My boys ages 9 and 12, love reading of war adventures especially when it involves boys just like them. The authors did a great job of creating an atmosphere for my boys to escape to. A great story with a Revolutionary War backdrop!

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Patriots, Redcoats & Spies was a really great book that taught me a ton about the American Revolution!

Alex S, Grade 8

I loved this book! It is for kids, but I read it all yesterday because I couldn't put it down! Now I will pass it on to my niece and nephews so they can enjoy it. Get this book!

Lauri T, age: over 39

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